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About Weed Farm

At Weed Farm. we combine technology and personal care to bring you premium small batch marijuana at its finest.  Aged to perfection, our flowers are cured in glass jars until they are as flavorful as they are powerful. Expect more from your pre-roll.


Megnor History

We are staff members of greenmeds420.com and we come from different parts of World. Our head office is in United States, the shipping of our products is carried out from different Warehouses. You as a customer have no risk of customs clearance.
We have made it our mission to provide the English speaking market with a variety of legal highs, like Cookies Strains, Indica, Sativa and Hybrids at really good prices.
All the products that we offer are 100 % legal and in Germany they are not included in the Narcotics Act. This is really important for us because we want to protect our customers and keep them away from trouble.

We have a lawyer who always keeps us informed and up-to-date about legislation changes and the list of substances. Also, we have an extended network of producers and wholesalers. Moreover, customer data security is of high importance in our company, we will certainly not give away your personal data, but store it in a highly encrypted form.

We offer all you could wish for:

Cookies Strains, Sativa, Indica, Hybrids and even the famous Poppers, known in the sex industry, and also Kratom. You can find here the most effective products in a large variety.

For example. You can also find privately developed in-house series (for example our Ganja Style Blend, where the name speaks for itself). Lots of extraordinary innovative products and amazing sales are waiting for you. Above $200, we thank your order with presents that really rock. You can be curious!

Our support team speaks German, Spanish, French and English. We are constantly trying to offer you the best possible advice and answer your questions.
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