Blueberry Dream Strain

Blueberry Dream Strain


Many patients often use Blueberry Dream as a medication to help them unwind at the end of the day or to aid in the preparation of food.



Blueberry Dream Strain – Blueberry Dream Strain Near Me

it is a Sativa-dominant bud that powers up the mind with an energizing high. Its THC levels average at 14% but have tested beyond 20% as well, depending on the batch. Regardless, its delicious smoke is a hit among enthusiasts for the creativity it sparks. Meanwhile, the mentally uplifting buzz it induces provides relief to users with depression and PTSD.

Blueberry Dream Strain Review

The high is not overwhelming and is great for day use and social situations, as it doesn’t cause the anxiety that is normally associated with high-level sativa hybrids.



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